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Select catalog page (on the left) to view.     (1) New Texas Cretaceous ammonites added to catalog ( 11/25/2023 ). Cool weather has returned to North Texas. A recent 7.0 inch (17.78 centimeter) rain helps flush the local creeks and road cuts. Fossil hunting is back on !!. Fossilmania show in Glen Rose Texas was a success again this year. Fossil Factory will purchase unprepared fossils if they are in good condition. You may contact "Mercer" at mlbrugler@gmail.com

Texas Limestone Nautiloids found in the Grayson Formation in Northlake, Texas, Denton County. ( Your choice, $7.00 each, e-mail mlbrugler@gmail.com if interested. ) Images shown below....

Texas Limestone Ammonites - Mortoniceras, found in the Fort Worth Formation, Justin, Texas, Denton County. Images shown below....
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Region : United States ( North Texas )
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