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ABOUT US " We just moved back to North Texas Region " !!

WHAT: The Fossil Factory is a forum for collectors in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to distribute fossil specimens and other collectables to individuals not familiar with the areas rich invertebrate fossils. Specimens are prepared with uncommon care using the latest paleontological equipment/techniques. An air abrasive unit, and air scribe tool are utilized for the cleaning process. When possible, ammonite specimens are prepared without removing attached oysters, worm tubes ( Hamulus, Sepula ) and other pelecypods. We find many ammonites in concretions with septaria-type calcite veins. When possible, we do not disturb these features. Many ammonites are cut with a water cooled diamond saw, polished in a series of vibra-laps and then marketed as cut/polished specimens. Enjoy our selection and send us an email when you have a chance.

WHO: The proprietor is a geologist by the name of Mercer L Brugler, currently a member of the Dallas Paleontological Society. The society address is : Dallas Paleontological Society,. P.O. Box 223846, Dallas Texas 75222-3846. Please visit the Paleo web site : www.dallaspaleo.org

WHERE: Originally located in Flower Mound, Texas, we moved this year to Northlake Texas, near Justin. The company address is : Fossil Factory, 3401 Knights Court, Northlake, TX 76247. You can contact us online by going to our contact page.

PICTURE COMMENTS: Seen below, are two images showing natural ammonite clusters ( death assemblages ) of Woodbine Calycoceras ammonites, found in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. ( Tarrant County ) The first grouping is owned by The Fossil Factory, and has been shown at many local shows. The second grouping is owned by a private collector from Fort Worth. These specimens are rare but fun to find. We encourage anyone who has a rare assemblage to contact us and we will post a picture on our web site.


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